Thursday, May 15, 2014

Nashville, sweet Nashville: J & Js Market and Cafe

Whether you're traveling through or a local, Nashville native, I've got a gem for you: J & J's Market and Cafe in Midtown. It's a chummy little joint that I've passed by probably eleventy billion times over the four years I've lived here and haven't really "discovered" until lately. 
Which, while I'm at it, I have a confession. I've lived in Nashville, this darling little city, for four years and haven't done like 80% of the cool stuff. I'm NOT talking about Broadway or any of the trashy armpit parts of Nashville like that. I am talking about finding fun little spots that often get overlooked or aren't super popular because the locals that do know about them, hide them. (Ya bullies!) So as part of Darling Dear's refocus, I want to share my long overdue adventures through this darling little city of mine. 
But anyway, I did actually go into the market side two years ago. I was running late for a friend's birthday & had stopped in with another friend to pick up some cigars (to which I've been told they have some amazing cigars, but I can't stand the stuff so can't judge them for myself, hah.) and I don't know what happened. Maybe it was the fact that we were running late or that I was overwhelmed picking out a product I knew absolutely nothing about, but I didn't even really notice the place. At all. Oops. 
 But recently, during finals, two of my lovelies & I decided that we needed to get out of our houses and the school for studying and working. One of them suggested J & Js as a "super quiet, great coffee, get shit done" kind of place.  He was right, of course. They play soft music, not many people are ever there at once, & they hardly speak above a whisper. It's not an awkward atmosphere and while I didn't actually get coffee, they had some of the best tea I've had in a long while!
To any tea drinkers, I recommend the "Keekers Koffler". It's a smooth, lightly sweet kind of thing. Earl grey, vanilla & milk.
 I also just absolutely loved the mismatched atmosphere. No one looked like they belonged there, none of the furniture looked like it belonged there & that chair right there was the absolute best to curl up and write papers in. The gentlemen that were working when I was there were enormously shy and while not too excited when I asked if I could take pictures, they let me anyway, so thanks, guys! ;)
Prices are easily comparable to Starbucks but much better drinks & snacks and not one of us had to fight for a place to sit or an outlet to plug into.
I would recommend this place to any local or traveler looking for a quiet place to spend a few hours either by yourself with a book or maybe studying with a group like we did, or some such similar activity. I would not recommend the place to anyone who likes loud, poppy places or people looking for a coffee shop like the one on "Friends" from back when. (Honestly, who would talk that loudly about that much personal crap with all of your friends for that many years in the EXACT same seats in a coffee shop? Great for TV, not great for real life.) 
But anyway, J & J's has been added to my list of favorites. I can't wait to try more places & share them with you! Have you been? Or somewhere similar? I'd love to hear from you!

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