Tuesday, May 6, 2014

What to get a recent grad for graduation

Gift ideas for the recent grad in your life

It's that time again. As a girl getting ready to graduate in December, I'm getting closer and closer to blowing up with excitement. But even though I have one more semester, a huge chunk of my friends are now heading out into that "real world" that people have been telling us about our entire lives. And I can tell you first hand how scary this time is for them. Many of them are running around trying to make sure they've wrapped up all of their finals, their paperwork, their exit-counseling, getting their gowns, and then the ever-intimidating: getting a job lined up. They've got a lot on their plates right now & to congratulate them, honor & help them get ready, let's get them something that is one: beautiful & possibly something that they wouldn't/couldn't get themselves right now & two: actually useful. 

A beautiful leather bag, is a far more popular version of the briefcase these days. Go for a darker, warmer leather to make sure that it more easily transfers through different seasons. Also: a shallower, slightly wider bag is actually better for keeping things organized and sorting. I myself recently switched to bag of this style & find that now, all of my pens, lipsticks, laptop, and everything else I can cram in there has a specific place to live and actually stays there

A classic, beautiful watch, there's just something about a classic watch that adds that extra level of posh-professionalism that many of us are looking for. I myself, am eyeing the beauties from Daniel Wellington
Diamond stud-earrings, like the watch, these classic beauties are perfect for a simple, understatedly elegant way to walk into their new workplace. Plus, they go year round. There's never a time where diamond studs aren't just the perfect thing. 

Journals, planners, iPhone & iPad cases, these can be quite a bit cheaper then some of the other things on the list, but are still amazingly useful and stylish. Kate Spade everything, all day, everyday. 

New glasses, especially for someone like me who have now wear glasses 90-100% of the time. What better way then helping them update their look then a new, stylish pair of glasses? Warby Parker seems pretty awesome as they let you try on a few pairs at home before you pick. I've never ordered from them but have heard nothing but wonderful things about them. 

Spa goodies or a day at the spa are a wonderful, not super common way of pampering your new graduate. Either grab them a line of goodies to help them pamper themselves at home or even (if you've got the cash to spend!) find a local spa and get them a giftcard for either the day or a specific item, like a facial or a 90 minute massage. They've been stressed for at least a year straight now & it would be so lovely to send them off into the "real world" refreshed! 

Perfume is a great way to help your new graduate feel more confident in their new workplace. Though, I would only really suggest this if you're very familiar with what smells good on them or what they already love. For instance, I hate sweet smells & find that I'm the kind of girl that only really smells good in earthy-heavier things like Egyptian musk or sandalwood. So just be careful on this one. 

Money & giftcards, these are a bit more traditional and while very appreciated & needed, not very personal. If you're wanting to go the money route, I suggest giving a specific amount for a specific thing. So maybe you offer to help/pay rent for a month? Or buy their groceries? Or maybe pay for a 3 to 6 month membership to either a gym they've been eyeing or to a subscription service. Spotify, Audible or Oysterbooks (where you actually still READ!) are fun ideas for something that they can use all the time but may not be able to splurge on. 

Are you a recent or upcoming grad? What would you add to the list? I'd love to hear any & all ideas, especially since I'm not graduating til next semester and still have time to hint at some wishlist goodies ;) Congrats to all our graduates and good luck to the rest of us! xo 


  1. Yes, Kate Spade everything, always. Love this guide!

  2. I think I need a day at the spa and I'm only recently done with my first year of uni! Great idea, especially the watch they're so useful and can be so beautiful!



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