Friday, June 6, 2014

Crowned Jewels: Lovely Links & A Little Doodle Journal

THANK GLITTER IT'S FRIDAY, am I right? This week hasn't been particularly hellish or anything, I'm just very ready to have a bit of a lie-in. I'll be spending the weekend mostly working on some illustration commissions, tidying up my apartment (my weekly struggle), and -hopefully- exploring some new & exciting things in Nashville with some lovely folks. (More on this later!) But for now, I wanted to share the weekly links, plus a little journal my mother made for me nearly a billion years ago that I'm just now starting to use. Bits & bobs from old books, notebooks & other darling paper bits. It's simply perfect, & I look forward to doodling in it. 
What are your weekend plans, darlings? Have anything particularly interesting you found this week that you'd like to see featured here next week? 

Hope you have a lovely lie-in & friendly weather where ever you are! 

Cloak: for avoiding people you know. Ha!
Waterlogged: Are you getting enough water? Keep track of how much you're drinking.  

Social Media: the average Twitter user is an English-speaking, 28-year-old woman with about 208 followers.
Beauty: Anti-aging prevention starts pretty young.
Millennials: The Best Morning Routine for a Millennial Woman.
Science: More importantly: they drugged bees. Wut.



  1. ooooh!! I love that morning routine article!! and I love that journal!! You and your mom are so creative!! It's really inspiring!! xo


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