Tuesday, June 10, 2014

How to Get Ready in Ten Minutes

MORNINGS ARE, FOR MANY, THE CRAZIEST PART OF THE DAY.  You're trying to get ready for work/school, eat breakfast, pack lunch, answer a quick email, blow-out your hair, maybe try and get a workout in there somewhere, all the while glancing at the clock every .45 seconds to make sure you're not late. And then there are mornings where you try to do all of that (or at least some of it) in 10 minutes because you overslept and you're gonna be so late! We've all done that nearly a million times, I'm sure.
Lately, though, I've mastered getting ready in 10 minutes. Yup, 10 minutes. I timed it.
I know many of you are thinking "yeah right, Zie" or "wut" but it's really pretty easy. It's just about shifting somethings around.
Every night, I try and be in bed (if not asleep) by 10:45-11:15 pm and I'm slowly trying to move that time back to 10. Why? Because we need more sleep in our lives. There are eleventy-billion studies that show that we need more sleep. It varies for each person (kinda) & by your age, but myself? I need 7-8 just to be functional. (Currently, I'm getting about 6-6.5, hence trying to get to sleep by 10. )
So around 10 every night, I shut everything down. No more emails, no more work, no more movies or whatever. I figure out what I'm having for breakfast & lunch the next day, cook or prepare it, if needed & set it out so I can grab it on my way out the door in the morning. Then I check the next day's weather, & plan an outfit accordingly. Now for me, this is the biggest thing. Because I'm one of those people that changes their outfit at least 3-4 times before I'm happy with it. That normally take 20 minutes on it's own. So I'm saving a bunch of time by moving that to my nights vs. my mornings.
I also make sure I've already showered and either blown-out my hair (yeah right, that happens twice a year) or let it air dry & go curly (I have red hair now & don't want the dye to ruin my pillows) the night before. Yet another HUGE morning time saver. 

I wake up a half-hour to hour before I need to start even getting ready for work. I've been participating in the #teg30daychallenge this month, which I'll admit has been a bit of a challenge for me. But it's something I'm really trying to do because I want my mornings to be a bit of me-time before the rest of the world crowds in. Especially since relaxed mornings are actually more likely to lead to a better, more productive day. Don't worry! I'll talk about what I've been doing with that extra time in my mornings in another post.

Ok, so now we've got quite a bit more time on our hands in the morning either to enjoy relaxing or sleeping or whatever. How do I get dressed, make-up on, hair finished and out the door in 10 minutes?
First: splash or wash your face with cold water to help you wake up & to reduce puffiness.
Play around and finding a couple hair and makeup looks that are quick, easy & you feel comfortable walking out the door in. For me, that's foundation of some sort, eyebrow pencil, a bit of mascara, a bright lipstick and more often then not, a top-knot.  Top-knot not your thing? Try any of these instead. 
Once you have your go-to quick looks, practice. Unless you're just amazing at everything (which is very likely), it'll probably take you a few days to really get the 10 minutes part down pat. 

No matter if you're running late, just wanting a bit more time to calmly get ready in the morning, or want to spend your morning doing other things then getting ready, with a few time adjustments & simplifying and cementing a few go-to looks, you'll be done & out the door in ten minutes! 

If you found this helpful, do let me know! I'll also be answering any questions in the next mornings post which will be coming toward the end of the month, so let me know if there's anything you'd like to see for that! 

Hope you have a lovely lie-in & friendly weather where ever you are! 


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