Thursday, June 12, 2014

Lists, lists, lists.

I'VE MADE 57 LISTS THIS WEEK. I've got a lot on my mind right now and I can't focus to save my life. Lists help me concentrate, at least a little, but after a while, I realized just how many lists I was making. Some are on post-its, some are in my planner, a napkin, the back of a receipt, in my notes on my phone, & a couple in random notepads littering my apartment. They cover everything from shopping lists, to songs I want to download, to blog ideas & vlog ideas, to one titled, "What do I want from my life? & Who do I want to be?"  Because it's important to ask those heavy questions, yo. 

My favorite list, however, is one that is titled, "Sh*t that Get's Me Up in the Morning". It's full of little quotes & notes that make me smile, laugh & feel good about myself & life in general. Which, I think is a very important list to keep close at hand at all times. You never know when you'll need a little pick me up.  
My daily mantra (the bottom of the post). What's yours? Do you make lists? What's your favorite list you've made? 
Be well, darlings. xo --Zie


  1. ohmygoodness!! I have lists everywhere too!!! and when I can't find a piece of scrap paper my hand/arm will do!! haha! You should blog some of your lists Zie!!

  2. i love making lists - mostly they're mental ones but it would be great to have somewhere to write them all. :)



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