Monday, June 23, 2014

Spending More Wisely & Purposefully: A Darling Wishlist


A DARLING WISHLIST by ziedarling featuring Kate Spade

I'M A BIT OF A SHOPAHOLIC. I like many of you, I'm sure, often find myself in a bit of need of retail therapy. However, I also have the horrid thing that happens everytime I spend too much (or what I feel is too much):  I get cranky & upset and have to take it all back. Most of the time pretty immediately. Something my family and friends have seen far too many times. (Sorry bout that.) It makes shopping not quite as fun & so most of the time, I avoid it if possible.
But over the past few months, I've started to develop a system to help me spend & shop more wisely and purposefully, which in turn, makes the purchase fun rather than stressful. Now, when I see something I want, I don't buy it immediately. I wait. I wait for quite a while, most of the time, at least two weeks. If I still remember the item by the end of that time, then I know it's something I really wanted, not just a silly flight of shopaholic fancy. (Which you'd be surprised how often I completely forget about little odds & ends that I thought I needed!)
Then I save for it. I'm a broke college girl & with that, means I don't have an unlimited fund for non-essentials. So if it passes the time test and I save up for it, then it becomes more of a treat for me. Something I feel I've earned & I have no problem buying. Which, overall, has made shopping much more enjoyable for me again. 
Currently, I have quite a few goodies on my list that I'm thinking about // saving for. A cute coffee mug to help motivate me, a darling portable phone charger, a magazine subscription to Darling Magazine (because duh. Clearly I need that.), an Instax Share to print out some of my favorite iPhone photos!, and a darling little umbrella to play in the summer rains with. 
I'm curious if any of you have this same problem with shopping, like I did? Am I the only crazy person out there? ;) & If you do wait & save up for something, what are you saving for? 


  1. ohmygosh! I'm such a shopaholic!!
    I've tried doing this before (waiting a week or two before purchasing a 'must have' item) and it really does work. For the most part I do this, but occasionally I do have impulse splurges!!
    Online is the worst though! That little 'add to cart' button!! and if my card is on file it can be bought before the blink of an eye!! (which, I must confess, I did this morning! two new books are headed my way thanks to an online bookshop!)
    I really need to be more strict and only buy things I know I would use not just because it's pretty (but it's so hard because there are just too many pretty things in this world and i feel like i need them all!!) :)
    Ugh!! You have great taste!! I love this mug and that book is beautiful!!
    Could we just, I don't know, win the lottery or something so that all the cute stuff can be ours?!? That would make life a whole lot easier!! :)

  2. You could make your own mug with a sharpie!
    Water Painted Dreams xo

  3. Zie! I've missed you! I'm giving up on Pink Wonderland, but I finally got my new blog up and running and I can't wait to get back into the blogging world and catch up on everything I've missed.

    I am totally a shopaholic. I had to go cold turkey for a few months to get used to not buying things, and then it got a little better. I get super tempted by every little cute thing out there, but I'm trying out a reward system - for example, now that I have my blog up and running, I can get myself a little goodie to celebrate! I think I just didn't value the things I bought enough because I didn't tie them to an accomplishment or a specific need, etc. Now they mean more and I spend less, so that's working pretty well. Plus, now that I quit my full-time job to start up my jewelry business and blog again, it's out of necessity too. I'm with you on the waiting thing. It is a life saver. Less impulse purchases, more things you've wanted forever and are excited to finally get.

    Anyway, I completely relate to your post and I'm learning that I don't have to have everything pretty... it's ok to appreciate things and not buy them. If only we could have it all, right? :)

  4. I tend to have more of the problem that I buy it, regret it, then do nothing about it until I have $5 in my account and several days till payday! I'm an absolute shopaholic. I'm the worst about buying all the craft supplies but never doing the crafts. I'm having to learn now how to stop buying things (especially going out to eat) and save my money! It's a pretty crazy thing for me. I've started just transferring money into my savings as soon as it's deposited and giving myself a weekly allowance, so if I run out I consciously have to see how it effect my savings/house fund!
    Hope you're doing well and I'm glad you found something that works for you!

  5. I really love the idea of saving up for things, I agree that it makes them seem more special, and you end up with things that you truly love. I'm terrible at it though!

    Definitely I need to get better at sticking to that mindset rather than spending binges.

    Sorcha x Bright Field Notes


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