Monday, June 2, 2014

The New Darling Dear: A With Great Heart design review!

I'm sure many of you have noticed by now, but Darling Dear has had a bit of a makeover! I've been so very lucky to have been working with the wonderful Vanessa of WITH GREAT HEART over the past little while to create the new look for the evolving blog, and let me just go ahead and say I am absolutely in love with it! 
Vanessa was actually the exact thing Darling Dear needed, in my opinion. I've bounced around a few different looks over the years (years!? what! how did that happen?) but nothing ever really fit. Too cute, too plain. Too cookie-cutter, too cluttered. I've attempted my own designs, as well as a couple other designers & even just boring old templates that I either left alone or slightly tweaked. Nothing really fit. 
I'll go ahead and say this up front: I'm the worst client. I'm a designer myself, and I know how to do it all, I just either don't have the time or it's incredibly hard to make up my mind about anything. I'm my own worst client & I'm pretty sure I'm the worst client for everyone else, hah. I know exactly what I want, but I don't & I have such split ideas of what things need to look and feel like. Basically, Vanessa had her work cut out for her. 
The process was actually pretty straight forward and helped us both to figure out exactly what I liked/ didn't like about my existing layout & where exactly I wanted to go from there. We kept a lot of goodies from the sidebar (pretty much the only part I liked anymore) but otherwise, we pulled in a third column (which I had wanted for ever), added a better grid system & cleaned it up quite a bit. She also added in some better nav & link systems, as well as cleaned up & glammed up the signature section of each post. 
Overall, the new look is pretty, clean & the exact thing I was looking for as the face of the next phase of Darling Dear. And it is all thanks to the wonderful Vanessa of With Great Heart! Thank you, Vanessa! 

IF YOU'RE LOOKING TO UPDATE YOUR BLOG OR WEBSITE, I would 100% recommend her. She's timely, very helpful, easy to work with & so, so good! She can either do a whole package or she breaks it down into sub categories for those who might just need social media icons, or a sidebar Instagram feed, a header, and more! 
You can also pop over and say hello & tell her how wonderful of a job she did on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram
I'd also love to hear what you think about the new look! I hope you love it as much as I do! Until next time, darlings! xoZie  


  1. *swon* i don't know if i said it already, but i'll say it again:: I adore your new blog design!! i mean, i don't think that there was anything wrong with your old design (in fact, i thought it was quite cute!!) but this one is so polished + clean and i love the colors!! Happy blogging my dear!! xo

  2. I know, I absolutely love your new layout! I've been in the process of changing mine (according to what I have in mind) but it's been a difficult road finding someone that shares or even understands the exact same vision I have in mind. I'm glad you were able to find someone that could assist in making your layout so pretty and chic! I might have to give Vanessa a little "hello." ;)

  3. I really like the new look. I think the pink background with tiny black polka dots is just perfect. Makes the blog look chic. I also love that you kept the illustration of YOU. on here.

  4. I commented earlier about how much I love this layout. Everything looks so simple and clean but very sophisticated; it's wonderful. The black header bar vaguely reminds me of the old AOL zine days (and I might be the only person who remembers those days)! I'm definitely going to check out Vanessa's work.


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