Friday, July 25, 2014

Crowned Jewels & Some Exciting News

I HAVE SOME EXCITING NEWS! Yesterday I was interviewed & offered an internship for a magazine in town that I really wanted to work for! Yay! (I can hear you already-- Zie! That's too many internships!) Nay! This will be my fourth one, but it's my only one in the Fall, so... ;) Anyway, I'm quite excited and I am so happy to finally have a real foot in the door towards the magazine industry that I love. 
In other happy news, my best friend who recently moved to DC for a job is coming to visit (he's picking up the last of his things) and I can't wait to see him! 
What are your weekend plans, darlings? xo 

QD Low Carb: I'm not normally game for apps like these. But it's kind of interesting & has good ideas/ meals plans.
iBooks: I was a little indifferent to this for the longest time. But I just recently discovered how many free books there are on here. Yup. I'm in.
Skimm: Not an app, really. But a daily email that gives you the news in bite sized sassy chunks. I like sassy news. (This one is from last week, but I wanted to share it again because I like it more and more every day.)  

Productivity: How to manage your time on a chaotic irregular schedule.
Career: 30 Smart Career Moves to do before your 30. (there's gold in here.)

Blogging: 700 free images for bloggers.
Beautiful Pin of the Week: The Colors of Humanity. ( I adore this.)

In the community: Kaelahbee & her darling family welcomed in the youngest cutie on the block. Congrats, darling! 
For all the babes: Kara Haupt launched babe vibes & I'm all about it. 
(Want to see your (or a friend's) news here? Email, tweet, comment or message me with your happy news! Because this is exactly how I feel.)



  1. YAYYY! Congrats girl! So happy for you!

  2. !!! Congratulations Zie!!!!!!! xoxoxoox

  3. Congratulations!! That's awesome! And hey, it's only too many internships if you're not happy about it. :)

  4. congratulations! and i love the new blogger news, too!

  5. Congrats on getting an internship where you wanted! That's amazing!


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