Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Holding Each Other Accountable & 10 things to do before I graduate

c/o freshcig
I GRADUATE COLLEGE IN DECEMBER. Which, is at once enormously thrilling and terrifying. I have lots and lots of things I need to do before then; --- a checklist of sorts. And I'm posting them here so you lot can hold me accountable. Because you're all wonderful folks. 

1. Publish one magazine (online one counts). 
2. Launch one e-course. 
3. Get healthy. (This is vague, but there's such a long list under it that this keeps it brief.)
4. Properly stop smoking. (I know, I know. Spare the lectures & the "ew Zie!"'s. I know. And yes, we did this before.)
5. Do one really scary thing. 
6. Plan & take a vacation. 
7. Find a new apartment. 
8. Get a post-college job. (Clearly this should have been WAY higher in the list, hah.) 
9. Declutter my life. 
10. Host a full-blown tea party (along with hats, party dresses, finger foods & fancy tea cups.) 

I'm completely aware that most of those are silly, but they're things that I've always wanted to do and just haven't yet. Which is crap. So I have a five month deadline to get my nonsense together. 
I thought that since you'll be holding me accountable, that I could do the same for you! So if you'd like to check in on each other and make sure we get our stuff done, leave your list below! We'll each have five months to get them all done and we can check back here then and see just how awesome we did. What do you say? Either way, wish me luck, darlings! Glitter knows I'll need it. xo 


  1. eek! I do have a list!
    here goes!
    1. keep going to gym 4x a week
    2. eat healthy
    3. practice calligraphy
    4. learn to sew
    5. learn photoshop
    6. design something
    7. take an ecourse to make my blog better
    8. create stuff for at least an hour a day
    9. practice watercolor
    9. make new items for my etsy shop
    10. floss daily!

    oh and your tea party sounds fun!!!!!!

    I enjoyed reading your post - it was fun!

  2. My favourite part of something big in life ending its chapter is to plan a vacation after that. Helps to keep you motivated too! ;)

  3. Whoop! Good luck. Scary things? Like visiting a ghost house? I'm starting college in September so I have my plans too! I want to plan a travel trip!


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