Thursday, July 10, 2014

Pro-Tips From an Intern

I've had/have three internships so far. I'm already applying for a fourth. I'm not so new to all of this anymore and have a few tips I'd really like to share with you all today. These are definitely applicable to internships, but can easily be applied in regular jobs.


1. Do NOT gossip. I don't care if the entire staff // office is doing it. Don't.
Gossip (especially in the workplace) is simply tacky. However, it's even worse when you're an intern. Always remember that you are there to learn, to help & to grow. And hopefully, find future employment. Also remember that even if one person is gossiping about another, you don't understand their relationship, nor the particulars of any events. So you could always say something completely out of line or straight up put your foot in your mouth. Best to just keep silent, and avoid any gossiping folks when possible.

2. Be 5-10 minutes early, always.
When you are consistent, people take notice. That goes for if you're consistently on time or early or late.  If you're early, it simply shows your boss and your coworkers that you care and appreciate the job. If you're late, it even more simply shows your boss and coworkers that you don't care. And you probably won't get that job.

3. Keep a journal or sketchbook dedicated to that specific internship and use it at meetings, etc., to write tips and hints that you find useful or that a future intern would find useful.
I would even go further and say use it for every project, all of the time. I keep mine with me constantly and write assignment notes, login information, preferences of specific people (like one of the project managers I work with regularly hates anything to do with display typefaces -which is totally fine by me- so when working on projects with her, I make sure not to use them.), ideas, etc. This will help YOU grow, but also presents you with a different kind of opportunity.
In most cases, there will be interns after you. I suggest, if you work in a place like this, at the end of your internship, type and edit your notes into a logical copy and present it to your boss for any future intern. Like a manual. This shows how much you learned from them and is a unique way of thanking them and wishing any future intern the best of luck. --It's also a brilliant way of being remembered and hopefully landing that job.

4. Google first. 
If a quick Google search can answer your question, do that. Everyone loves the intern who figures things out on their own and gets the job done.

5. But DON'T be afraid to ask questions. 
This one seems like a duh. But those of you who have already started your internship know what I'm talking about when I say that sometimes, it can be really intimidating and sometimes you feel quite silly or stupid for asking. But try not to feel like that! You are there to LEARN. They understand that and will be happy to help.

These are my first 5 pro-tips from one intern to another. I hope you found these helpful! I'm constantly compiling more and more for this list, so I'll share another one in future. But if you have any tips you'd like to share yourself, please do! We'd love to get the conversation going :)


  1. I really love the idea of keeping a notebook! I haven't done any internships but I like the idea of keeping a notebook to write down things I learn about my coworkers :D

  2. I have never had to do a internship but I might in the future. This comes in handy. And leave it to you to make a post about interning so pretty <3

  3. Those first two are so important, in internships and jobs. Great post. :)

  4. Thank you for this post! Just last week I got accepted into an internship program for a small publisher and since it'll be my first internship, these tips are super-helpful. I'm going to bookmark this post somewhere (or pin it). And then go buy a new if i needed an excuse!


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