Thursday, July 3, 2014

Whats on my desk: IRIS Z

PLEASE HELP ME WELCOME IRIS Z. for today's "What's On My Desk" Guest post! She is an absolute doll & without further ado: 

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Hi there! I’m Iris, and I leave stuff everywhere when I do anything productive. You can probably assume my desk is a crazy mess of patterned papers, bound-together papers, and important papers all the time. For the moments when my desk is actually clean, I like to keep the stuff on it to a minimum. Here are the things I keep on my desk:
·         Computer (need that)
·         Cup of pens in every color, style, and a ruler.
·         An electric pencil sharpener.
·         iPad mini (to watch Netflix and do productive stuff at the same time)
·         Lamp with random shiz in it
·         A set of Ikea markers
·         Pile of papers including calendar, blog calendar, planner, and books
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My desk directly faces a window which lets in the most beautiful light all throughout the day.  And since my desk is white, I like to keep it open and empty, reflecting the light around my workspace. I spend a lot of time here and that light really keeps me awake. J The lamp has a bunch little mementos like rocks from my childhood, little photos, and white out. And next to it, is a big stack of notebooks. Notebooks are my weakness. Put me in the notebook aisle at Target and I will be waving my money at the clerk. J And there you go, everything on my desk. J Thanks for having me, Zie! 

Thank you, Iris! What an inspiring space!  What's on your desk lately? We'd love to hear all about it! 
And please make sure you take the time to stop over at her blog & say hi! I'll be guest posting over there soon :)  -Zie xo 

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  1. looks so nice & clean! my desk always ends up looking cluttered haha.


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