Friday, August 8, 2014

Crowned Jewels | Ch-ch-changes

SOMETIMES, YOU JUST NEED A BIT OF CHANGE. I've been in this apartment for a year and a half & I'm bored. However, I can't afford (nor do I have the time) to redecorate the place, so sometimes, a little switch is in order. I'm not 100% happier with how it's arranged now, but at least it's a bit fresher. It's also needing to be tidied up, hah. But at least we know I'm human & don't keep a tidy home ;) 
What about you, darlings? Are you bored of anything lately? Any changes in your life? xo

Yummly: store recipes, easily make grocery lists & meal plans. LOVE this app.
Relax: zen sounds & white noise for sleep & meditation. 
NPR One: public radio made personal. 

Money: Healthy grocery shopping on a college or tight budget.

Career: 5 tips for landing the job.
Pin of the Week: Fall is coming & I seriously couldn't be more excited. SWEATERS.
Science: The real reason tattoos are permanent. 

In the community: Pink & Black hosted yet another successful & helpful #PABgirltalk. Join the convo! 
Kinda proud of myself: I launched the very first exclusive brand building & marketing club email this week & it did 2x better then similar emails within the industry. <3 
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  1. i always love how you have your flat its beautiful! <3

  2. + love this playlist!!! i'm only a few songs in but so far my fav. is cool kids!! :)
    + aahhh!!! i spy a little tardis in your apartment!!! it's so cute + amazing!!
    + i love the way you decorate!! i love all the colors and odds + ends! and your couch is so amazing!!
    + i think i spy the hoop i made for you on your wall!! ;)
    + oh! my exciting news is i have new hoops in my shop!!! i'm so proud of the new designs i created!! :D

    i hope you have a great day + weekend zie!! xoxoxo

  3. I think your flat looks really cute! I can't wait to move in September thought for a little change of space!
    Water Painted Dreams xo

  4. Your lounge is amazing! I love it and I have just started on your playlist and I'm very happy!

  5. Oh it's so pretty! I know what you mean about needing to change things up, though. I know whatever you do, it's going to look awesome!


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