Friday, August 1, 2014

Crowned Jewels: the Day Designer

IT'S AUGUST, DO YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS? No, we're not talking about school and no, we're not talking about how fast the year has gone. We are talking about the first day I can use my new Day Designer!! AHHHHH. Pardon me while I freak out for a moment. I've only been waiting on it for a year, as they're always out of stock. (plot twist: i think i saw one in the store right now... hurry!) So happy! 
In other news, I believe my mother and I are getting tattoos this weekend? Hah, I'll keep you posted! What are your weekend plans, my dears? Anything that you're particularly excited about? xo

Noom Weight: I said I wanted to get healthy in the next 6 months, this app is helping.
Shake: Need help writing a contract? This covers everything from freelance to homeowners. Pretty nifty. 
The Design Museum Collection: Just a well designed, beautifully done app. 

Science: The real reason tattoos are permanent.
Money: 94 creative ways to save money. --Some seriously good ones.

Career: 4 steps to create a powerful personal brand & why you need one.
Pin of the Week: Will someone please make a cat version of this, already?

In the community: Pink & Black hosted yet another successful & helpful #PABgirltalk. Join the convo! 
Ready to shop?: The Little Pink Studio had a HUGE shop update! So many darling goodies!  
(Want to see your (or a friend's) news here? Email, tweet, comment or message me with your happy news! Because this is exactly how I feel.)


This week, I wanted to share a hidden gem that Spotify has! There's a "written word" section with audiobooks, podcasts & comedy! I've listened to most of the Jane Austen collection now & I quite like it :) 


  1. I've been seriously toying with the idea of getting a Day Designer planner. I'll be eagerly following your posts about it to help me decide/gush/freak out :D

  2. Wow! I'm so happy for you! I fancy those kind of notebooks as well and I love to collect 'em! Cool! You're getting a tattoo with your mom? I wish my mom is as cool as yours! I'm pretty stoked for this month of August and its upcoming activities it offers like I'm gonna be managing my own little business. =)

  3. Cute planner!

    Ali |


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