Friday, August 29, 2014

Crowned Jewels: Neybers (An App to replace Sims!)

IF YOU EVER SPENT HOURS ON SIMS, not really caring about the game but just trying to design the homes, then I found a present for you! Neybers is a new iPad app I've stumbled on and I'm in love. I used to spend hours on Sims, but I never had a use for the characters or the storylines or tasks. I just wanted to decorate and customize the houses. 
So when I found this app I was pretty stoked. I've spent quite a few hours on it now and I love it. Best part? It's free! There are some in-app purchases you can grab if you'd like, however, I've been using it nearly-non-stop and haven't bought anything and I'm still having a blast. I'd love to swap ideas & see what all you make, so make sure to tag me! 
Did you ever play Sims? What was your favorite part? Have you found any other programs/apps like this that you could share with the group? ;) 

Seen: takes 3-D photos on your phone. Kinda cool. 
SightSave articles with a simple screenshot. Very cool. 
Pippin: I had deleted this off my phone, but they made it free now & fixed some bugs, so I'll give it another shot. Are you on it? Add me! @ziedarling xo

Self-improvement: 30-day challenge from The Everygirl to promote self growth & improvement! Let's do it together!

Blogging: Making your editorial calendar work for you.
Pin of the Week: Cute little infographic w/ helpful deets.
Science: I think a lot of people find this creepy, but I think it's awesome. (what do you think?)


In the community: My friend Kristin (bad ass babe designer) launched a blog!
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I'm really into this album this week. 


  1. Making pretty houses was definitely my favourite part of sims, I must check this app out. Rebecca x

  2. OMG, I need that app on my ipad!! I totally used to play Sims just to decorate and build houses!! Eeps


  3. Hm, not sure how I feel about the science article, but I think everyone needs to remember that what you put online isn't private. (unless your accounts ARE private, and even then I'm not so sure)
    The room you designed is super cute. Now just to find that furniture, right? :)

  4. OMG in LOVE with that room!! :)


    Chrissy of


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