Monday, August 25, 2014

How to Have a Glamorous First Day

IT'S THAT WONDERFUL TIME OF YEAR AGAIN! The time of year when everyone seems to either be starting a new job or internship or going to back to school. I love this time of year. School supplies, new clothes, pretty planners, the shift from summer to fall, sweaters <3 *le happy sigh*  And for me, the best part is the fresh start that it all brings! Your first day at your new job, internship or at school is your big day to bust in with a BANG!
Starting off with a bit of glamor is the perfect way to set the mood for the rest of the semester and there are a few things I recommend to dazzle the day: 

New headphones: One of my internships ended last week, & as a thank you present, they gave me these incredibly nice headphones! I've used in-ear headphones for years, never really finding a pair of over the ear ones comfortable. However, these are gold. & One of the best parts? Everyone can see these, so when you're either on your commute or working in the studio, people tend not to talk to you as much. Which, if you're like me and trying to finish up your last semester of college, work a job, an internship & run a business, you like your quiet work time. ;) 
New phonecase: I've been eyeing a Rifle case for ages. It was a bit of a splurge for me, but totally worth it. Stunning, protective & fun: you can't go wrong. 
Signature beauty products: A subtle way to add just a touch of glam to your first day (and the subsequent days) is to pick a signature nail & lip color. I'm currently rocking Drunk-Barbie-Pink nails & a coral-y lipstick. They don't match each other, but I'm kinda into that. Also: for those of us who are feeling really glam, a signature perfume is plus 10 bonus points.
+ Arm candy: Gold watches, bangles, bedazzled bracelets. There's nothing on the planet that goes from zero to glam-queen quite like an armful of party-candy. Layer a few up for a really glitzy look or slow it down a bit with just a watch. 
+ Soda-Pop Journals: Rifle once again takes the cake for me for journals that fizz, clink, pop! It's always nice when you're jotting a quick note or a doodling a quick sketch and you have to pause and contentedly sigh over your own stationery. 
+The bags: You have a key opportunity to march into your first day with a fabulous little clutch with a snappy saying or a striped-number that's just simmering with Kate-Spade-esk glory. 
+Most importantly: a dazzling smile & buckets of confidence. Today's your day, babe. You got this. You're the most glamorous darling on the planet & the most important thing to setting yourself up for a wonderful first day is taking a deep breath, knowing how wonderful you are & showing the world that with a dazzling smile. 
Good luck on your first day, my darlings! xo I'd love to hear what you recommend to rock a first day & what you're starting this semester? New job? Internship? Classes? Something else? xo 


  1. Best of wishes for your first day of your new job, your new internship, and your first week back at school! Love that bag, it's so cute! And the Rifle phone case and notebooks were worth the splurge. :)

  2. I adore that pouch! Today was my first class and I was overprepared! It's funny how that will change quickly, and I'll be forgetting my pencils and glasses and notebooks one day soon!

  3. Will definitely be checking out those soda-pop notebooks (love the name haha) but the only thing I really need are those buckets of confidence. :)

  4. Bloody cute post! I'm still job hunting after 2 months and it's horrific. This has brightened my day though xxx

  5. JOURNALS MATTER! Yes I judge a person by her journals collection, haha! I'm starting my college this September and I'm really excited for that :) And ohh, I need a new pair of headphones!

  6. Loving the 'My lipstick is redder than your lipstick' bag! :)

    Style Sunrise☀



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