Monday, August 11, 2014

How to Use the Party Party! App for Building Your Brand

If you somehow haven't heard already, A Beautiful Mess released a new app: Party Party. I, like pretty much the entire globe, have already snapped it up and started playing with it. My first use, I made a little series of shots of me making different faces. I added a filter, changed the shape and it was pretty cute! But I wasn't as into it as everyone else was. Maybe I'm just boring, but I wasn't satisfied with how it seemed to be mostly just for silly faced selfies (not that those are bad by any means.) 
I became interested in how to take it a step father. So I thought I would open up the discussion on how we can use this as a new (and fun!) tool to build and push our brands. (Because glitter knows I'm into that.) 

Sales & quick announcements 
We've all at one point or another, shared a little post on instagram announcing a new sale or new post or some other exciting news. Usually, these are done with either a text image post or some kind of relevant photo with the announcement under it in the comments section. Both have been effective and are normally the preferred methods of sharing new information on that particular media outlet. 
And while a few brands had already figured out how to make little stop motion announcements thanks to instagram video, the majority of us hadn't. Now, with PartyParty, it's super easy!

Process / Behind the Scenes
Most people who follow you on any social outlet are looking for behind the scenes. They already follow your blog or shop, and on instagram and twitter, they're more interested in seeing what makes you YOU and how you've done/created whatever it is you've created. PartyParty presents a perfect opportunity to show how you make something, or what your desk -really- looks like before you've cleaned it ;) Or maybe, how your planner fills up throughout the day? (link to my instagram, and do it) 

Quirky & witty -- Relate to your audience! 
National lipstick day, pizza day, donut day! These are fun little "holidays" that we're already sharing on our social networks. But let's go a bit further and jazz it up. Show all of your lipsticks dancing across your desk or your pizza with googly eyes being terrified of being gobbled up! Or maybe how quickly that box of donuts goes with all the gals at work. 
Knock-knock jokes, rubber-band work-weapon construction, earrings dancing in your ears. Anything to liven the place up a bit! We don't always have to be so serious when trying to connect with out audience! 

I'm still playing with it all and would love to hear how you use the app? What did you think of it in general? Like it or no? I'd love to hear & maybe round up some other goodies for a future post xo  


  1. Hmm.. sounds interesting. Maybe not so revolutionary, but super cute. I guess I'm a sucker and 99 cents isn't that much, sooo .. off I go to download!

  2. Love this post! One small thing; it's a beautiful mess (not brilliant ;)) keep up the good work!

    1. Hahaha well now everyone knows for sure that I wasn't paid for this post ha!


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