Wednesday, August 20, 2014

How to Use Pinterest as a Freelance Tool

KEEPING ORGANIZED WITH FREELANCE PROJECTS CAN BE A CHALLENGE. There are so many different systems, apps, methods, tips, etc. out there for freelancers that it can be extremely overwhelming. I've tried a bunch of them myself and I think I've finally got a system that's less stressful for me and my clients. The biggest step towards simplifying & streamlining for me was using Pinterest. Yeah! I know! Pinterest for freelancing? Yup. Here's what I do: 

Every time I take on a client or a project that's going to be more then just a quickie (usually a design project or a longer illustration project or a brand consulting), I create a private board on Pinterest for that specific project. I then invite anyone who's a part of the team to join it. For me, this allows the client(s) and I to really make sure we're on the same page and constantly up to date with how everything's working. 

Pinterest is basically a giant, sometimes social, always amazing mood board with tips, tricks & pretty things galore. The project boards are no different. My clients & I can pin things that are relevant to the project, either showing style, theme, mood, etc. This helps the whole team & project run so much smoother, I've found. My clients & I can easy reference our mood board anytime we'd like. 

What makes this even more helpful is the ability to add comments to posts/pins. This gets used a LOT on my projects. For instance, if I post a photo with inspiration for a new script-style logo, the client can then comment directly on that specific photo and let me know if they like that style of loops, etc. Which, when you're working on a project that's a little more involved and ends up with lots and lots of pins, it's really a life saver. Plus, with a board like this, you don't have to have those endless, horrible email threads. 

I like to take the mood board a step farther and upload project progress as well. This is just another way to keep those email chains down. Though, I don't do this as often as I'd like / should. But when I do, it makes everything easier. 

For me & my clients, being able to quickly see, share & comment via Pinterest is the best way to streamline & simplify our projects. I'd love to hear how you work as a freelancer and how you use Pinterest (even if you're not using it for freelancing!) Do you have a similar method of sharing ideas or something completely different? 

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  1. I love this idea, Zie! You're brilliant (and so resourceful)!


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