Wednesday, August 6, 2014

What you need for blogging on the go!

MY OFFICE IS HARDLY EVER USED. Instead, I find myself either propped up on my couch, if I'm home at all, or sneaking in breaks during my lunch at work, or at coffee shops or school, or the car (if someone else is driving, of course!), or wherever else I've managed to find a few moments to answer emails, update social media and work on the blog. And I think I've finally figured out a decent method for keeping up with blogging on the go. -- Now, these are the physical items. The apps & programs will be a completely separate post! :) 
+ I use my purse from Target more as a briefcase vs. an actual purse. At any given moment, I have more crap in there then Mary Poppins ever had. A bag that can hold all of your blogging on the go goodies is essential.
+ A planner. I'm in love with my new one & have found that the more organized I am, the smoother the blog & business runs. (Rather a duh if you ask me.)
+ To go along with that planner, I have my little pouch packed with goodies to decorate. These serve as props for photos but also as the perfect little bits to fill my pretty planner.
+ iPad/iPhone, or some other smart phone/tablet to help you write, take and edit photos on the go, as well as email and update. This is the business end, but we'll actually go farther into depth about these in a different post :)
+ Headphones, always headphones. You never know when you'll need to focus in on what you're working on or watch a tutorial, etc. without disturbing those around you.
+ The Kit.
+ I recommend having a few props that you can use in your photos for either instagram or your blog. My props usually are either jewelry I'm already wearing, or pretty pens, etc. You'll just need to figure out what props fit your style and your needs.
+ Washi tape. I'm really into carrying items that can be used for more then one thing & this is a perfect example. I can use the tapes in my planner, but I also find that sometimes, especially with pens, my props will move around before I can snap my picture. A tiny bit of tape folded over on itself keeps any of the items in place & makes for a steadier photo.
+ The pens, highlighters, pencils, & tablet pen are all practical for use, but also double as additional props for my pics. (Are you seeing a pattern here?)
+ In case of emergencies goodies: You can't always plan for the little things that pop up so I try and keep a concealer, extra bobby pins, a tampon & refresh pack, as well as Tide-to-go & perfume. These may or may not have to do directly with blogging, but just a generally good idea to keep in your kit.

These are just a few of my own must-haves for blogging on the go. I'd love to hear all about your own blogging-must-haves! Are you more of an on-the-go blogger or do you usually end up working from your office? Hope this was helpful! Tune in next time for blogging on the go apps & tech! xo


  1. All your goodies are so cute, i'm a little jealous!

  2. I love the idea of having a kit - I never thought of that! I'll have to put one together :)

  3. I love your iPad case! This is a great list, thanks for sharing!

  4. I love your kit! That is so cute. I mostly use my iPhone and my sketchbook and a pencil for most of the blog-related stuff I do on the go.


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