Monday, September 1, 2014

August Sponsor Favorites

HAPPY SEPTEMBER, DARLINGS! I hope you're enjoying the long weekend and spending some time relaxing, either by the poolside or (if you're like us), indoors, watching the rain. The weather around Nashville has been quite stormy the last few days, and I'm actually quite happy about it. The weather combined with the long holiday has given me the excuse I needed to catch up on blogs, my homework, & to get a bit of housework done. So, if you're having a bit of a rainy holiday as well, here are some lovely reads for you to enjoy. & In honor of celebrating babes in business, both of this month's featured sponsors are babes! So pop over, say hi & spread the love <3 
-Zie xo

Hoobynoo World: I adore the darling characters, colors & whimsy of Chiara's blog & shop— so fun! This month, Chiara gave us a behind the scenes tour of Hoobynoo World and made me squeal over this darling little fox phone case/ wallet. And Napoleon found something for his Christmas wishlist! 

The Little Pink Studio: Has some of the sweetest crafty goodies on the planet & a darling blog to match!  This month, Cerri made us jealous over her darling finds at the world's longest yard sale and made us wish we could get all of the subscription boxes in the world, especially her darling one. 

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  1. I love this series that you do, and am more than happy to be a part of it!


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