Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Babes in Business: Caroline McCaffrey from Pink Lovebird Boutique

BABES ARE THE BEST. Especially when we're lifting each other up, and celebrating how wonderful we all are doing. We recently started a new series "Babes in Business" and since it was such a hit, I'm excited to announce our next babe: Caroline McCaffrey I've been working a bit with Caroline over the last few months and she's a true gift from glitter. I absolutely adore her.  She's the owner of the little boutique, Pink Lovebird, which is a darling & affordable e-boutique that takes roots in Toronto, Canada. She, as well as her shop, are flirty, stylish, chic & absolutely fabulous. What follows is a short little interview & look inside what makes Pink Lovebird Boutique tick :) 

In fashion, as in life, confidence is everything. Through my previous work, I noticed an overwhelming vulnerability and intimidation when it came to many women showing their true style every day  – I began to understand that style was a form of vulnerable creativity that each and every one of us are challenged to, and have the opportunity to, explore multiple times a day.

Personal style speaks before you even take 2 steps into a room, before anyone even knows the sound of your voice, your styling choices have already told a story. 

I think style and expression through styling is about an accountability for this impression – there is something so romantic about the notion that a woman or man has lovingly prepared themselves to greet the world every day. Imagine being able to wear a billboard or piece of art that expresses how you feel every day? That’s what dressing and styling is to me – the magic of personal expression. Any time I see great style, I try to say it, even if it’s a stranger. I try to choose pieces for the shop that I think would integrate into (almost) any woman’s wardrobe, will get her 100 fabulous compliments and infuse her with a ravishing confidence.

Before opening this shop I spent 10 proud, grateful years as a Manufacturers Agent in Women’s Wholesale. When I factor in all the things I had the opportunity to learn, it feels more like 20.

Stepping out onto Bloor st. when the city is still sleepy and the morning light is still breaking. Normally, the experience is sensory overload, there’s a soccer camp with happy kids running down the sidewalk, double decker sightseeing buses honking as they pass each other, music students weighed down by their tubas, and never-ending jackhammering (the price of a growing city). But in the early morning, it’s peacefully quiet. Vacant buildings look down to the misty street in patient anticipation, waiting to be re-animated by the day and its people. It’s the only time I really feel I belong in this big, beautiful city I love so much; that I am a part of something, a collective experience, that is so much bigger than I am but something that we all get to contribute to.

Most evenings are spent packing boxes, which I’m just fine with! When you love what you do, being busy is the reward. As a small business owner, I am never not working. I’m always on the lookout for a cool pic I can share with my social media followers, dazzling street fashion to inspire my next accessories buy, or something fresh to add to the blog. These things are a joy, I feel a bursting gratitude that what I love to do for fun is also my career.

I trust myself completely. It doesn’t mean I don’t make mistakes, but I’m usually thinking “I probably shouldn’t be doing this/I don’t know what I’m doing/this doesn’t feel right” while I’m making them, or shortly after. Trusting yourself does not mean the absence of problems, it means the presence of accountability, critical thinking and reliability of and on your own skills and thoughts. It eliminates worry forecasting because you have a reliable confidence in your decision making and instinct, no matter what happens. When I decided to leave my old job, it was sudden and impulsive, and it kind of erupted out of me like a volcano. I spent an additional 4 months turning the position over to associates, and I had to re-commit to my decision every day- to trust the instinct behind my 5 seconds of crazy courage, and that I could deal with the consequences. It was the most I had trusted myself, ever. I started to say, out loud “I trust myself”. I did it in the car, shower, when I was doing my makeup, before I went to bed - most times when I found myself alone & doubting, fearful or even feeling excited about my decision. I still do it daily, even though I left the job over a year ago. There is something so powerful and intimate about being alone with your own voice, piercing the quiet air with a statement of respect and love, meant for your ears only.

You don’t have to know everything to start.

+So embarrassing but my favourite tv show is Murder She Wrote! I wanted to be JB Fletcher for Halloween but my husband said no one would recognize me.
+Pinklovebird.com went live on Thanksgiving Day (Canadian Thanksgiving), 2013.
+The original names for Pink Lovebird were Deux Lovebirds or Jewel Birch – Jewel Birch was such a close second that the company owns the name and domain for Jewel Birch.

I love the idea that your style & brand speak for you before you open your mouth. It's something Darling Dear really tries to get across. You are a lifestyle. & Her advice to 22 year olds... perfect. Short, simple & so, so important. What are you waiting to start?  Leave your thoughts for Caroline & I to read in the comments below :) xo

Photos originally posted on Pink Lovebird's Instagram page.


  1. Really interesting! Will definitely take these answers in mind :D



  2. What a really lovely interview! I love what she says about trusting herself. That's one of the best things to be able to do when owning a business! (and she has some really pretty things in her shop as well!)
    Still loving this series!

  3. Very inspiring thoughts! She's a great writer and thinker as well as creative entrepreneur!!!! Love her store.


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