Monday, September 15, 2014

How to Get Motivated to Clean

I'M A PRETTY MESSY PERSON. I can't ever seem to keep my entire apartment clean. I envy those people who live magazine-perfect lives all of the time (my best guy friend being one of them-- hate him.)  and wish that one of them could come be my house keeper. But I think my messy-nature boils down to two things: 1. I have too much stuff; 2. I have no honest motivation. 
Yes, I'd love that magazine-perfect apartment. And yes, when I'm throwing a cock-tail party, boyfriend and I deep clean the crap out of my home and make it sparkle, smell divine & appear as if I'm one of those polished gals. But most of the time, I don't care that much. My close friends know me. A couple of them have even lived with me. So when they come over and I say "excuse the mess, it's not normally like this I'm in the middle of _____" they know I'm lying. And they love me anyway. So on a normal day, no real motivation. 
However, my sanity is needing some deep organization and decluttering, so I've figured out a couple methods that when joined together, really help me get the motivation to power through and get it done. 


I work / go to school / do homework / run a blog during the week. I can spare about 5-15 minutes a weekday towards picking things back up. But weekends are when I dedicate a good chunk of organizing / deep cleaning done. Most articles / blogs say that the best way to do it is 30 mins or more a day. Whatever. Mama ain't got time for all that. 

Clearly, Pinterest should be the first stop. Look at places, organizing spots / tips that appeal to you and what you're looking for. For me, that's glamorous, glamorous, glamorous. I saved the above photos to my phone & any time I started slowing down, I'd pull them up and remind myself what I was trying to accomplish.

You know what jams get you pumped. Play them. For me, that's peppy, fun girl power goodies OR some angry break up music. Hah. I just like a good ol' break up jam. (Boyfriend and I are fine, chill.) 

Every 30-45 minutes, take a break. But, don't lose momentum. Don't sit for too long & look at more inspiration when you are sitting. Keep finding eye candy that'll keep you motivated. Maybe dance a little. 

Normally, I'm not too sentimental as far as stuff goes, but I'll admit that I've held onto the same couple dresses throughout the entirety of college. Why have I held onto them this long? The short of it: some of them were expensive and I used to absolutely adore them, and one in particular, I keep hanging onto for the day that I somehow (miraculously) become a different body-type, hah. (It's just so cute!) 
But I read this article that talks about how to declutter in about 30 seconds by asking yourself if you were out shopping right now, would you buy this item? Styles change, attitudes & needs change. So if you wouldn't buy that item now, then toss it. (Or donate, or sell, or give to your bff.) 

No for real. Host a party. Nothing will motivate you to declutter, organize and clean quite like hosting a little party. Big house parties not your thing? Me either. Try a dashing cocktail party or a maybe a tea party or brunch! 

So get at it! Do you have any tips for getting motivated to clean? Are you one of those magazine-living type people or more like me?  I'd love to hear! xx 


  1. LOVE this post!!! i really need to clean/purge and it is sometimes difficult to find the motivation! xoxo

  2. I love this. I know I could put aside more time for tidying daily but I just really don't want to tbh. Having people over always motivates me to get the bulk of the house clean as well xo

  3. I always find that if I do little bits as I go along it's easier to manage! I think you wrote a post about the 3/5 minute rule or something? Yeah like if you can do something in under 5 minutes then do it straight away. That's how I clean. Bit by bit!
    Water Painted Dreams xo

  4. please, PLEASE tell me the pictures above aren't you. because if they are - i'm going to cry. PERFECT house or what? i love this post. but in all honestly (i'm gonna sound like a right freak...) IM SUCH A MONICA. I love to clean. I clean because we have 4 dogs and our house gets messy - but not in an OCD way. More of a "this would look great on pinterest as a house" type of way :P


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