Monday, September 22, 2014

The Perfect Cheap Fall Date Ideas

FALL IS MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE TIME OF YEAR. So it's no wonder why my favorite types of dates are those that play up the lovely fall shift. Especially ones that are cheap or free and take full advantage of the cooling weather and the Halloween season.
Blanket to keep warm with c/o Hey Baby Craft Co
We've talked in length about my love for "Halloween" movies, Nightmare Before Christmas, The Awakening, The Woman in Black, Ghostbusters, Prometheus, etc. and how I think staying in for Halloween is just a golden idea. But this is one of those date-nights that don't have to be just for the big day. I recommend at least twice a month from now until Thanksgiving, cuddling up on a floor pallet or in a fort, putting something scary on and enjoying each other's company.
My recommendations: 
1.  make sure you have enough blankets & pillows, you don't want your bum to go to sleep because you've been sitting on the hard floor.
2. make sure all the lights are off in the entire house / apartment; it makes for a more intense mood.
3. junk food dat shiz up, yo. Candy is already on sale & currently cheaper since we've got a minute until Halloween. So stock up!
me & boyfriend being cute on our adventure // apples 

Go outside! The beautiful season changing is one of the best parts of fall. Gold, red & yellow leaves, warm spices, scarves and boots. Yes.
But what to do outside? If you have a zoo close enough for a day trip, go! Pack a picnic, grab a camera, and enjoy! No zoo? What about a museum?
Or what about an apple orchard? Pop over, spend the day exploring and picking and then go home and bake a pie together. (Then maybe have a snuggle & scare!)
But if nothing else, just go outside! Go on walks through downtown, find a park, just have fun!
My recommendations: 
1. bring your own thermos of pumpkin lattes or chai tea. It's a lot cheaper, and you can always use the tea/coffee prep as a pre-date-date.
2. bring a camera so you can document the day. & Maybe even use another date to make a collage or art piece with those photos!
3. bring a jar or a bag to put fun things you find in. Collect cool rocks, leaves, bugs, or if you're at the zoo: those pennies that you put in the machine to flatten them out with a new animal-themed coin!  
Bonus picture of Napoleon being cute and enjoying fall already. xx

Either way you want to go about it, grab your "other", your friends, whoever! and soak up the loveliness that is a lovely fall date! xx What are some of your favorite things to do in fall? I'd love to hear all about the adventures you go on and the movies you watch! 


  1. these are such cute ideas! I'll have to convince my man or even my friends to do some of these with me :P

  2. The pumpkin patch is fun at any age. Corn mazes are fun to get lost in together. :)
    If your local drive in is still open, fall is the BEST time for a drive in movie. (and it looks like yours still is!
    Picking out mums and decorating for fall outside can be a lovely day date as well.
    It's my favorite time of year as well, so bring on the apple cider, and chai tea!


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