Wednesday, September 3, 2014

What's on My Desk: The Paper Trail Diary

NO ONE IS SHOCKED THAT I'M NOSY & LIKE LOOKING AT OTHER PEOPLE'S WORKSPACES. And I'm pretty sure that you're all the same way. :) Today we're snooping  Jessica's desk. As a writer and blogger at The Paper Trail Diary, Jessica is a focused on all things paper. Which, of course, is something Darling Dear is all about. 
And this is where the magic of blogging, writing letters, gift wrapping, stamps carving & making zines is created. 

Mason jars packed with watercolor brushes, markers, colored pencils, stamp supplies, twine, lace, ink, wax, buttons, candles. Jessica is one of those (to me) fascinating people who keep everything within arms reach and visible. I wish I could work like that, goodness knows I've tried over the years. I love how it looks on other people's desks. 
However, I'm one of those people that if there's more then just a couple things, I get super overwhelmed and can't think straight. I guess that's one of the biggest reasons I love looking/snooping at other peoples' work stations. 

If you'd like to read & explore her desk even more, pop over today & see the whole tour! 
What do you think, darlings? Are you like Jessica & need to see everything you work with or more like me where everything needs to be hidden away? I'd love to hear how you work!
And if you'd like to really share your workspace with all of us, I'm now accepting applications for the What's On My Desk posts! Simply send over 1-3 photos of your workspace to with just a couple sentences briefly explaining what you do in your space & you could be featured here! xo 

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  1. I like to see some things, and some I prefer to be neatly tucked away. However, I have to have an organized space and things need to be labeled and functional for me to work best. (neat and tidy is best for me too)
    Off to check out the rest of her space an blog!


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