Monday, October 13, 2014

Daydreaming & Doodling Part 2

I'VE FINALLY FIGURED OUT WHAT I WANT TO DO WITH MY LIFE. We've talked about how I want to work in the magazine industry, which is still accurate, however I've figured out that I want a bit more than that even. I want to write books, teach classes, create lines of products, etc. But above everything else, I want to create a glamorous lifestyle for women. I want to encourage and motivate. I want to work with women that work hard and like Chanel, and at the end of the day, they're as likely to grab a beer as a glass of wine.
I want to create a magazine where Photoshop beauty is a thing of the past and laughter and dirty jokes are encouraged. It's all really abstract but to the short of it, women inspire me and I want to give back to them.
 As a part two to the Daydreaming & Doodling series, I'm really enjoying slowly starting to piece together the perfect daydream. What do you think, darlings? What are you daydreaming about?


  1. this is a gorgeous picture. wow super talented girl. I'm day-dreaming about sleep! hahaha.

  2. This is actually exactly how you should be feeling as you graduate college. Ready to take on the world. Go get 'em girl. You got this.
    Love, Mom.

  3. PS, Really love this illustration!

  4. It sounds lovely!! It's really exciting when things kind of click in your mind and you figure out something that has always been so abstract!


  5. Ow, this just sounds great! I think you can do this and it all sounds incredible!


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