Thursday, October 2, 2014

Selfies as a Legit Form of Self Love

PLOT TWIST: I THINK SELFIES ARE THE BOMB DOT COM. I think we know how I feel about bullies, especially those who attack others based on their bodies, etc. Spoiler alert: I don't like them. At. All. So it's easy to understand why when I hear / read of people being picked on because they posted a selfie, I kind of lose it.
Because, let's just take a moment and consider what a selfie is. (And I'm not talking about what the dictionary says a selfie is but it really is. )
 SELFIE || (as defined by Zie Darling) a moment where a person feels pretty / attractive / confident enough to a) document said moment and b) share it via social media.

That's a profound moment. That's self love at is essential.
Selfies are silly, fun, sexy, flirty, thoughtful, powerful. Selfies can be taken to document new hair, an outfit, a feeling or just a moment where you realized how absolutely fabulous you are. Selfies encourage you to pause and take a moment to really consider yourself, what you look like, who you are and how you feel about that. And when you publish that photo, you're telling yourself and the world that what you found is special.
And that's the important part, bebes. That's the part that makes selfies a legit form of self love.

So forget the jerks & get on with your bad selfie self! What do you think about selfies? Do you take & share them?


  1. you are amazing. you should conduct seminars about self love and surrounding yourself with happy things! you're such an inspiration zie!! xoxo

  2. I utterly agree with this, Zia! Selfies can be such a source of self-love and self-acceptance and anyone who chooses to hate should just be ignored since they are clearly not on the same positive love train!

  3. I rarely indulge in selfies but that's only because I get too self-conscious when the attention is on me. Lol. But yeah, selfies can be a form of self love. It may seem narcissistic at times (depends on the person taking the selfies and the person looking at the selfies) but there is no doubt it's an expression of self love.

  4. I personally am not a fan of selfies, but I do respect the person who feels the desire to selfie! (That can be a verb, right?). I love this point of view, that a selfie is a form of self-love. Definitely had me thinking of them in a different light!

  5. Brilliant post! I love this. I was very anti-selfie for a long time. I felt like it was a very narcissistic activity. Not long ago, a fellow blogger urged me to start including myself in photos on my blog. She reckons readers have a greater interest and connection with your blog when you are in your photos. I, hesitantly tried it out and was surprised how much positive support I received when I finally came out of 'hiding'.

    I still feel awkward in front of the camera but I'm learning to be more comfortable with how I look and the way I'm aging. It really is a practice in self love.

    PS - I found you through Instagram! @mylifeplus1


  6. Pretty sure this is the best thing I've read all week! Thank you for this :)

  7. You said is so well! I thought I was a bit weird because selfies helped me so much to feel good about myself. These past months I took all kinds - really all kinds :) - of selfies to keep to myself or to share. I can express how much it made me feel better!

  8. I love this! I always think of selfies as ... life's too short to wait for someone else to take a good photo of you, so you better do it yourself!

  9. Yes! I agree with this 100%!

  10. hi I just discovered your blog!

    I do take selfies on the rare days that I feel pretty, but sometimes I'm afraid people will get tired of seeing my face hah...

    but this is a really great post! I agree so much!


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