Type A, workaholic. Illustrator, collector, blogger, little shop owner, and tea-time enthusiast.
Zie is finishing up her last semester of college in Nashville, TN. His Royal Highness Emporer Napoleon, the cat, lives with her & they frequently have very serious discussions on the merits of a good typeface & how horrible adjusting the rag in body copy is.
She's currently interning at two really awesome places in Nashville, & working on a few side projects, but she's always open to a new adventure.

I'm pleased to meet you & look forward to getting to know you! 
Contact: (ziecampbell@gmail.com) or my twitter: @ziedarling 


  1. Hi! I'm a brand new follower and just thought I should say hi and tell you your blog is adorable! Plus you love Harry Potter so we can totally be best friends!

  2. Hello! I'm Kristin and I found you through the BBN and just wanted to say how cute your blog is! You've definitely got your priorities straight with the most important things in the world, too :D

    Very excited to have found you!

  3. Hey! I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award (see my blog) :)

  4. Oh my goodness, I just found your blog and I knew I had to follow right away. So adorable!

  5. I am also a crazy girl that loves to drink tea ;)

  6. Awww Zie, I think that your friends may be right - accept your craziness! Being different is wonderful. And so is your blog! xox

  7. Your blog is such a jewel! I am so happy to have found it, consider me your newest fan! :)

  8. The number 5 is my favourite!! Haha. Love that.

  9. Nothing will ever replace harry potter for me... but I am interested in the new Hunger Games movie since the second book was my favorite of the three.

    Is it terrible I wish there were HP spin off movies?

    Chrissy of Crashbeauty.com

  10. Many moons have passed. I hope all is well on your side as of late. I'm happy to see your website, site & everything is blooming. Don't be a stranger. -BHW.


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